News Flash: The Deep End Podcast is coming to MoodyTech!

TABLAWe are pleaseded to announce the latest addition to the MoodyTech schedule: The Deep End Podcast! Their hypnotic episodes will be aired on MoodyTech Radio every Sunday starting at 7PM (gmt+3). The Podcast series offers their guests an opportunity to express themselves through music, not limited to their style, genre of live performance or production. Distinctive through its vibrant sound, The Deep End promises to deliver quality underground sets that will most definitely keep you coming back for more.

More info on The Deep End facebook page!

We are Golan presents MAY DREAM | 19.05.2017

★BUCHAREST PEOPLE!★ Our dear friend Horatio will be playing in your beautiful city, alongside YONGU, PoL and AnduM on Friday, May 19th @ Jack’s Pub! Be there or be square! ❤

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Dear Moody people,

Since MoodyTech came to life in 2011 we devoted ourselves to keeping it a commercial free, non FM radio that you can easily listen to without any hassles. We believe in the power of music and we do not plan to compromise out beloved radio station. This being said, there are certain costs involved into keeping our servers running non-stop and hosting our website. As we are a non-profit radio station, we rely on you: our friends, fans and listeners to keep MoodyTech Radio running smoothly. If we are one of the stations that you listen to and want to support, please consider making a small donation.
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Dinsubsol Romanesc vol. 2

Dinsubsol Romanesc VOL2_preview_VA COVER

After another year of waiting, here we are with the release of the second compilation Dinsubsol Romanesc Volume 2.

This is the second volume of the string of compilations that brings out the romanian underground, sound and folklore motifs in a modern light. Instruments, voices or old stories collected from romanians houses all over the country, and 14 producers from the romanian techno industry connecting their rythms to the contemporary world.

The compilation is available from Tuesday, 1st of December (National Day of Romania) on our Soundcloud profile. It will be downloadable in full format on our Soundcloud profile after it reaches 300 reposts.

click here for previews

Techno Stage Within Aviation Hangar At The Airfield Festival

Airfield Festival - 2014

If you are cruising the summer festivals this year you have to come to Sibiu, to the Măgura Aerodrome between the 30th of July and 2nd of August. The Airfield Festival welcomes you with great music, flying opportunities, fun and extreme sports, all sorts of artistic activities and games. You will enjoy all of these in an amazing scenery which will make you to forget the daily routine and connect to your favourite music style. Airfield Festival brings you the most diverse musical menu of the year>11 music genres, in 4 days, on 4 stages, 3 outdoor and one indoor.Airfield Festival

The Techno Stage is the only dedicated techno stage in Romania inside a real aviation hangar and is the place where the hottest artists and DJs will be mixing for 4 days: Dixon, Âme, Recondite, Mano Le Tough, DJ Koze and Nick Curly. It is the only stage at Airfield Festival where the music will keep you awake until dawn, so make sure you are not missing out on the coolest sets, and enjoy the freedom of sound and movement. A real quality sound is guaranteed by the super sound system, Function One.
The hangar was not chosen by chance for this kind of stage: music and flying are the supreme expressions of freedom. During the day, at the Airfield Festival you have the opportunity to try flying by plane or helicopter, parachtuing and hovering in a hot air baloon. At night you can relive all these unique feelings of freedom by listening to the hottest live sets, an awesome mix that will keep you awake and kicking for 4 days.

Airfield School of Talents

Since the very beginning, Airfield Festival has been supporting and promoting young talented artists, promising DJs and musical projects on their way to becoming famous, through a programme called Airfield School of Talents. The artists have the chance of being in the lineup of a notorious festival next to the big names of the musical industry like Little Dragon, Blomqvist, Gus Gus and Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph and mix on professional tables. Dual Shaman (Live), Dj Ethylen, Cans, Zgîrie Disc, Poliglot, The Funk Brothers, Electroclown, Sonic Vibe, Alex Modoi, Tardigrade and the Belgian artists: The Visitor, Lisseman, Stefius Clay Vs. Smulcky, Dj Mathy, Doblow will prove their skills during this year’s eddition. Airfield School of Talents stands for lots of energy, freshness and innovative sound.

Programme Techno Stage

Thursday, 30th of July (21:00 – 06:00): ADUB & RAZVAN MATE, BOG, RECONDITE (Live), ÂME, DIXON

Abo price and one day tickets

Up to the 29th of July you can buy your Airfield Festival abo at a price of 219 RON, in the Eventim network, at the Airfield selling points and online on, and On the day of the event, the abo price will be 269 RON. One day tickets are already available on, and but will also be available at the selling points at the Magura Aerodrome, at a price of 70 RON.

Join the event:

#3SOF, the only electronic music festival in Romania, taking place on an ISLAND! |July 2015


3 [days] Smoked Olives Festival (3SOF) is definitely the place that you have to check out this summer if you’re in Romania! 10km of smooth sandy beach on an ISLAD, free camping in the forest and tons of quality deep-house / tech-house / minimal music! For this third edition, the coordonates are: 24, 25, 26 July/ Chiciu Forest, close to the Ostrov, Calarasi ferry crossing point in Romania!

3 [days] Smoked Olives Festival stands for a fine blend of music, fun and relaxation, a 3 days party that you will not forget!

The 3 Smoked Olives Island brings you a new adventure everytime!

The island is located on the Danube river, far from the hustle and bustle of cities, close to the border between Romania and Bulgaria (Calarasi (RO) – Silistra (BG) ferry crossing point). It all started a few years ago when a group of friends, music and nature lovers, wanted to have a small party on a Friday evening. The party lasted 3 days. The small group and their parties grew constantly and…this year it will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Line-up: ! Mihai Popoviciu ! Ada Kaleh! Vid ! Marika ! Alin Dobrikan ! Mvki ! Nisaf ! George L ! Minimeh ! and more TBA3sof2015

Rules of the game:

ø green olive bracelet: 50lei – before

ø black olive bracelet: 100lei – at the gate

*there are no 1 day bracelets!


ø 10 km private beach

ø free camping in the forest

ø party – music – party – music

Age restrictions: 21 and up!
JOIN the event:
more info on:

News Flash: TABLA Records Radioshow is coming to MoodyTech!

TABLAWe are delighted to announce the latest addition to the MoodyTech schedule: TABLA Radioshow! Tabla Records is a fresh vinyl label from Nürnberg, Germany, founded by Micha Klang and Serdal Dincer in 2013. Up to now five releases have been brought out. The ambition of the two label honchos is to enrich the electronic world with tiny masterworks for record lovers. From now on Tabla Records will host a monthly show on  MoodyTech radio. First program comes from French artist Loquace, who just released his “Memento”-EP on Tabla. Enjoy!

More info on TABLA Records’ facebook page!

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